11th - 12th - coming soon

The ESTEEM team along with focus groups of students, school leaders and parents are designing an exciting new level in the ESTEEM series. This book will have the same 10 important skills taught in the 9th and 10th grade version but with much more advanced stories, facts and activities. Students want information about real relationships and how they can develop themselves in order to find the right person later in life. School officials want students to learn usable life skills so they are more prepared for the real world and hopefully for trade school or a degree program. Parents tell us they want their children to be more respectful and think about their actions before speaking or doing things that could limit their future choices.

We will be asking for area nurses and SHAC groups to review the workbook. If you would like to be on our list to review the Upper High School workbook please give us a call! Those in our focus group and proofing will be discounted a percentage OFF their first Upper High School order!