Quotes from real teens on Abstinence:

What students have said about the ESTEEM program:

“I stand strong in my virginity…its great to know someone out there shares my feelings.” Nathan - 17
“I really appreciate the messages virginity rules sends out to teenagers.” Casey - 17
“I think it is really important to tell teens that just because your friends are having sex doesn’t mean you have to, there are other options.” Melissa - 19

“Abstinence means not being sexually active, being safe, and doing what’s right.” Roxanne - 13

“To me it means when you hold off on having any sexual contact of any kind because of values and personal preferences.” Andrea - 13

“It means that I can have a future with a good career, and no STD’s or STI’s.” Erica - 12
“Abstinence is choosing not to engage in something, despite how good it might look because you know that it is better not to.” Larry - 18
“My boyfriend and I both have chosen to be abstinent (…) because it helps us keep a strong relationship.” Amanda - 17
“I choose to be abstinent because I don’t want to end up pregnant, with a sexually transmitted disease, or have to deal with the emotional effects of sex.” Roxanne - 13
“(…) I want sex to be a gift shared only with my future wife after marriage.” Larry - 18
“I want to be a coalition member because I want to tell other teens how I choose to be abstinent, and they can too, all they have to do is trust in themselves.” Andrea - 13