Current Schools

Schools who are currently trained and using ESTEEM have these things to say about the program:

In alphabetical order

Beckville ISD

Just wanted to let you know that we think this program is a really good program. We started doing this program at our school 5 years ago. At that time we were having 2-3 pregnancies a year in our middle school and high school combined. Since then we have only had 1 pregnancy in 5 years that we have done this program for our middle school and high school, and that pregnancy was with a girl that had only been through the program her freshman year, which was the first year we started teaching it, so she had not been through the whole program. Do we think that this program has stopped kids from having sex, no, but I do think that they are being smarter about having sex and know the consequences. I will say that at times we get discouraged and wonder if we are doing any good, but when we look at the numbers, I think they speak for themselves.

Melissa Anderson, RN & Carolyn Lynn, RN

Carlisle ISD

Working with us since 2013!

Chapel Hill ISD

NEW 2013!

Cumby ISD

NEW 2013!

Gilmer ISD

I believe the JH grades are the most vulnerable times for students. This is a time when the students are wanting to make grown up decisions without grown up experiences and judgment. Risky behavior can be curbed with the appropriate type of education and by giving students the knowledge that not every student does or participates in all the activities they may say they do.
-Dr. Bobby Rice

Gladewater ISD

Been working with us sine 2002

Leveretts Chapel ISD

Been working with us sine 2007

Marshall ISD

AS A SCHOOL NURSE I BELIEVE SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION MUST BE ACCESSIBLE AND DEVELOPMENTALLY AND CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE FOR STUDENTS. TEACHERS AND PARENTS MUST WORK TOGETHER TO TEACH YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT THE RISK INVOLVED WHEN BECOMING SEXUALLY ACTIVE BEFORE MARRIAGE. LET’S FACE IT SOME CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE TALKING TO EACH OTHER ABOUT SEX. The ESTEEM Abstinence Curriculum is age appropriate and teaches students to form habits that will help them develop healthy personal goals and healthy relationships. If we asked most parents if they honestly want their child to be sexually active before marriage they would say NO! But a lot of parents don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to teach their child why and how to just say NO! The ESTEEM Curriculum teaches young people they have a choice and do not have to give into peer pressure! The ESTEEM Program provides students with the skills and resources to help them make informed and responsible decisions. We have a lot of choices in life. We must take an active role in teaching Young people to avoid risky behaviors and to remain abstinent until marriage!
-Rhonda Kilgore

Henderson ISD

I believe that Middle School grades 6th, 7th & 8th are the most important grades for the Esteem program to be delivered. Of course, since I work with these grades, I naturally have a stake in the success of the program. The middle school years can be the toughest years in a child’s life. They are changing from children to young adults, and dealing with all that comes socially and physically with that change. I believe these children are at a critical age and can be reached for the better. They are still young enough to mold, but old enough to make positive or negative choices about their lives. They can be taught the stumbling blocks of partaking in risky behaviors before the situations arise. It is the hope that every child that is taught, using the Esteem curriculum, will be aware of the consequences that can change their lives forever. When risky behaviors, such as peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, media, and premarital sex are faced head-on using a research-based curriculum that draws on the children’s dreams and goals for a successful future, the Esteem program is an excellent resource.
-Lori Vinson

Springhill ISD

Been working with us since 2001

Tyler ISD

working with us since 2001!

West Rusk ISD

Been working with us since 2005

Westwood ISD

New 2013