6th Grade


Maturity vs. popularity Your media standards Delaying gratification Renewed abstinence Parenthood Responsibility Conquering addiction Boundaries offer freedom Emotional intelligence.

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Lesson Plan

Teachers are trained in a fun and interactive 6-hour certification training to take students through 10 lessons which can be delivered in 45 min – 90 min segments. Each student receives their own 90-page workbook to use as a personal journal and which becomes an incredible resource they can take home after the course.

  • Lesson 1: Goal setting for improved academic outcomes / Career planning
  • Lesson 2: How to navigate positive and negative media influences
  • Lesson 3: Puberty and human development / True cost of teen pregnancy / Understanding Fatherhood
  • Lesson 4: Explanation of the major STD’s / Benefits of waiting / Character counts
  • Lesson 5: Legal consequences of cyberbullying, sexting, human trafficking / Child support / Family & criminal laws
  • Lesson 6: Dangers of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use / Brain development
  • Lesson 7: Peer pressure and refusal skills / Bullying / Depression, suicide, and self-harm
  • Lesson 8: Communication skills / Problem solving steps / Increasing emotional intelligence / Time-out steps
  • Lesson 9: Real friendships / Gangs and cliques / Dating standards / Breaking-up right / renewed abstinence / Abusive relationships
  • Lesson 10: Reviewing goals / Self-discipline / Having a growth mindset / True love, commitment, and healthy marriage

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Goal Setting

The journey to adulthood is filled with critical choices. Goals equip students to make the best decisions.

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Media Influence

Help students see through the daily subliminal messages that could affect their decision making.

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Healthy Relationships

Show students what type of relationships work best for everyone.

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Drugs & Alcohol

Reveal the dangers of substance abuse and it impairs healthy decisions.

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