The Esteem Curriculum
This curriculum will take your students on a journey that adheres to Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) National Standards. Experience a program that is evidence-based, medically accurate, and proven effective.


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Grade Level 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School
Sample Vocabulary From Each Lesson

1. Character traits, Academic

2. Media Literacy, Cyber safety

3. Puberty, Hormones, Uterus

4. Affection, Courteous, Relationships

5. Respect, Law, Justice, Human Rights Laws

6. Medicine, Alcohol, Tobacco

7. Personality, Coping Skills, Anxiety, Safety Measure

8. Ethical, Speaker, Listener, Communication

9. Friendship, Manners, Gossip, Inclusion

10. Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset, Character Contract

1. Dreams, Universal Values, Gratitude

2. Subtle, Mixed Message, Internet Safety

3. Abstinence, Love, Infatuation

4. Socially, Symptom, Genital Tract

5. Self-Discipline, Child Support, Lewdness

6. Good Judgement, Toxicity, Risk Factor, Protective Factor

7. Peer Pressure, Boundaries, Stress Reduction

8. Apology, “I” Messages, Pushing Buttons, Cooling Off

9. Acquaintance, Close Friend, Fair Weather Friend, True Friend

10. Genuine Goal, Follow Up, Infatuation

1. Accountability, Trade School, Junior College, University

2. Gaming, Sexual Solicitation

3. Hygiene, Pregnancy, Adoption

4. Infertility, Monogamy, Renewed Abstinence

5. Justice, Fatherhood, Child Molestation

6. Vulnerability, Treatment, Inhibitions

7. Refusal Skills, Bullying, Body Language

8. Achievement, Verbal, Non-Verbal

9. Jelous, Dating, Unhealthy Signs, Emotional Abuse

10. Humility, Maturity, Marriage Qualities

1. Victim Mentality, SMART Goals, Motivation, Pessimism

2. Subliminal Messages, Sex Trafficking

3. Sexual Harassment, Abstinence

4. Viral, Bacterial, Symptom

5. Self-control, Sexual Assault, Sexting

6. Binge Drinking, Trust, Depressant, Reward Pathway

7. Freedom, Consequences, Depression, Suicide

8. Proactive, Reactive, Inactive, Hostility

9. Gangs, Cliques, Attraction, Breaking Up

10. Cohabit, Dedication, Individual Contract

1. Academic Goals, Deferred Gratification

2. Digital Citizenship, Pornography

3. Pregnancy, Contraception, Sexual Abuse, Virtue

4. Monogamy, Risk Avoidance, Risk Reduction

5. Honor, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Soliciting a Minor

6. Controlled Substance, Prefrontal Cortex, Dopamine

7. Bystander, Upstander, Greiving

8. Aggressive, Passive, Assertive, Anger Management

9. Compassion, Attraction Phases, Infatuation Phases, Connection Phases

10. Fidelity, Infidelity, Devotion, Poverty


Create Your Own Quote

Stranger Danger Maze

Make a True Fiend Ad

Blindfold Game

Alphabet Soup

Fishin’ for Boundaries

Respect Game

Ring of Friends

Blind Shot

Heads or Tails

The Traps

Tears and Fears

Dating 101

Deciding Dots

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Goal Setting – Career Planning

The journey to adulthood is filled with critical choices. Goals equip students to make the best decisions.

Media Influences – Sexting – Self Image

Help students see through the daily subliminal messages that could affect their decisions.

Human Development – Pregnancy – Commitment

Show students what type of relationships work best for everyone.

Dangerous Consequences – STDs – Renewed Abstinence

Reveal the dangers of substance abuse and it impairs healthy decisions.

Legal Consequences – Cyberbullying

Build upon an understanding how diseases work to recognize the risks of STDs.

Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco – Brain Development – Boundaries

Help students to communicate their standards and to avoid dangerous relationships.

Peer Pressure – Refusal Skills – Depression – Suicide

Clarify the changes, risks and responsibilities that come with puberty.

Communication Skills – Anger Management – Problem Solving

Show students the benefit of resolving their differences and deflating coercive behavior.

Real Friends – Dating – Abusing Relationships – Gangs and Cliques

Help students understand the laws regarding their relationships and when they or others are in violation.

Reviewing Goals – True Love – Commitment – Healthy Marriage

Help students understand the laws regarding their relationships and when they or others are in violation.

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Participants will experience a program that is evidence-based, medically accurate, and proven effective.

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I believe the JH grades are the most vulnerable times for students. This is a time when the students are wanting to make grown up decisions without grown up experiences and judgment. Risky behavior can be curbed with the appropriate type of education and by giving students the knowledge that not every student does or participates in all the activities they may say they do.


– Dr. Bobby Rice, Gilmer ISD